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Need bounce house insurance for your inflatable business? Cossio Insurance insures many kinds of inflatables including: Bounce Houses, Inflatable Slides, Mechanical Bulls with Inflatable Padding, Velcro Walls, Bungee Trampolines, Eurobungy, Indoor Centers, Moonwalks, Jumpers & more. We have been in the insurance business for over 35 years & bounce houses are one of our specialties! New companies come & go...but we're not going anywhere! We provide insurance for indoor inflatable centers as well as party rentals. Call 864.688.0121

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Why choose us to insure your bounce houses?

There are so many reasons to get insurance from Cossio Insurance Agency! Not only do we provide inflatable insurance that fits your business, but we also offer superb customer service & extra services such as renewal reminders & a program for brokers.

The inflatable industry is constantly changing. New devices become popular, the insurance market changes, the amount of claims every year is always evolving. We Insure Inflatables is always on top of the changes happening in the inflatable industry.

When new devices become popular we do our best to find insurance coverage for them, or if we cannot work to try to get insurance companies to start covering them. Some examples of this includes dunk tanks, zorb balls, KnockerBalls & mechanical bulls. When we were unable to find coverage for these devices we made up safety reports to give to insurance companies and had meetings until we were able to find some type of coverage. Although it is impossible to always cover everything, we try our hardest to make sure your entire bounce house business will have coverage.

Another factor in the inflatable industry that is changing year after year are the companies that are willing to provide insurance for bounce houses & other party rental devices. In 2014, we took over the inflatable insurance accounts from AIR because they no longer wanted to insure the market. In 2015, FunPro run by Thomco decided to stop insuring bounce houses, party rental companies, haunted houses & event planners. Many of their former customers have come to us looking for insurance. 2017 brought the announcement of US Fire pulling out of the inflatable insurance industry.

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Our kind & courteous staff is happy to help you with the application process & understanding the coverages that you need for your inflatables. Learn more about our company