The Complete Beginners Guide to Bounce House Rentals


So you are looking into starting a Party Rental Business? After all, how hard could it be…start with a few bounce houses and the money will come rolling in. Slow down there partner! There are a lot of safety tips, costs & other equipment that go into running a successful Party Rental Company. We have seen many inflatable rental companies go out of business after the first year because they were not prepared for all that would go into running this type of business.

  1. Create a business plan: A business plan is important if you are starting any type of business. You need to have a plan for what your business will be now and how you are going to grow it in the future. You need to research other rental companies in your area and find out how much they are charging for a rental. Based on how many devices you plan to rent each weekend, how long will it take you to make your money back on your investment? Don’t forget to include the cost of insurance, transportation/gas costs, advertising, and the initial costs of your inflatables.
  2. You will need to advertise your business in order to get customers. That will also cost money: flyers, business cards, yard signs, websites , etc.
  3. How will you get your bounce houses to your customers – Will they pick them up? Are you going to drop them off to the customer? Do you have a trailer or pick-up truck to transport them? Continue reading “The Complete Beginners Guide to Bounce House Rentals”

Zip line tragedy could have been prevented

According to WKMG ClickOrlando New Station an Orlando man named Robert Belvoir died on a zip line due to what the attorney calls a design defect. The attorney said that there was an opening on the track which allowed Robert’s harness to disconnect from the zip line before he had even begun to slide down. When he stepped off of the platform he did not know he was not attached to anything and fell down 30 feet onto the cement floor below. The attorney said that the design of the zip line was just an accident waiting to happen. The owner’s at Sky Trail said that the accident was caused by a zip line component that had failed.

We most commonly/mainly insure inflatable zip lines. “Hard” zip lines such as this one are possible to insure, but the premiums usually start at $15,000 to $20,000 per year. Inflatable Zip Lines are obviously safer because if something like this was to happen you would be falling on a soft inflatable instead of the hard concrete. So if you are in the market for a zip line & plan on having it insured, you should seriously consider getting an inflatable one.

Another problem with this incident is that the zip line operators should have been regularly inspecting the zip line for any kind of loose parts, screws, frayed ropes or anything else that could cause the zip line to fail. The lawsuit includes the owners of Sky Trail, the zip line manufacturer, the installer of the zip line & the marketplace (venue) where the zip line operated. This is typical in incidents such as these, usually every party involved will be sued for any accident that happens.

Make sure you have the proper insurance coverage. A manufacturer should definitely have product liability insurance for cases such as this.



Using an Inflatable for Education


According to an article from The Elkhart Truth (an Indiana Newspaper), a woman named Cynde McInnis who works with the Cape Ann Whale Watching Company has been traveling around the United States to schools with a 43 foot inflatable whale that was created after an actual female whale named Nile. Nile is a Humpback whale from the North Atlantic Ocean. Nile was born in 1987 and has been a mother at least 5 times. The average life span of a Humpback whale is 45-50 years.

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Manager attacked at an Indoor Inflatable Center


According to WSB-TV 2 News in Atlanta a manager of an indoor inflatable party center was attacked by a mob of angry customers. The attack was caught on surveillance video, where you can see multiple adults…one even holding a baby in her arms fighting with the woman. Dozens of children can be seen standing & watching just a short distance from the scene. According to the news article the family was upset because the 1 hour time slot was up in their party room and they said they were not ready to leave yet.
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25 Reasons why you need to get your insurance from the CIA


25 Reasons why you need to get your insurance from the CIA

1. Over 125 years of combined Insurance experience
2. A+ Rated Admitted carrier backed by the Insurance Guarantee Fund
3. Available in all 50 states
4. Automatic $5,000,000 Aggregate
5. Higher limits up to $5,000,000 Occurrence
6. Texas Limits and AR100 forms
7. NO DEDUCTIBLE on GL or Accident Medical
8. Professional liability included for rental companies
9. Non Owned Auto available
10. Sexual Abuse and Molestation insurance coverage available
11. No Sunset Clause
12. A true Occurrence form
13. Certificate request online with authority to issue
14. Endorsements for no additional premium
15. Blanket Waiver of Subrogation no charge
16. Blanket Primary Non Contributory no charge
17. Blanket Additional Insured
18. Trailered Devices are covered such as rock wall, bungee, kiddie rides
19. Inland Marine can include Business Income Coverage
20. Mobile app for certificate requests
21. Online reporting for incidents
22. Friendly, Experienced Staff that answers the phone
23. Offices in California, Illinois, and South Carolina
24. Not a master policy, your own policy number
25. We also work with 12 other insurance companies if you don’t fit into our program

Giant 350lb inflatable pumpkin blows through the streets

A giant inflatable pumpkin blows through the streets of Peoria, Arizona. It rolled over cars, damaged street lights & caused pedestrians to run for cover.

Strong wind gusts caused a 25ft high 350lb inflatable pumpkin to get loose from a Halloween display in Peoria, Arizona this morning. It rolled over cars, smashed street lights & poles, and sent pedestrians running for cover as it made it’s way down the road. The police are looking into whether the tie downs that were staked into the ground may have been tampered with to cause the “Great Pumpkin Escape”.

Unlike the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, luckily the Ghostbuster’s didn’t need to be called to stop this giant inflatable pumpkin from destroying the city. The owner’s of the inflatable spent 40 minutes looking for the giant pumpkin before finding it behind a local business. No one was injured, but the street pole & lights did receive some extensive damage.

Luckily the Ghostbusters weren’t needed to stop the pumpkin.
Luckily the Ghostbusters weren’t needed to stop the pumpkin.

From an insurance stand-point we would like to remind everyone that even if a 350lb inflatable is staked down properly it can still blow away if wind gusts are high enough. Not to ruin the Halloween spirit…but giant inflatable pumpkins should be deflated when the wind speeds or gusts get above 25mph. Luckily no one was injured during the incident…can you imagine the all the traumatized little trick-or-treater’s if this had happened tomorrow night? Nothing gets you in the Halloween spirit like running for your life from a giant inflatable pumpkin!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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How to keep your Bungee Trampoline participants safe

Little children  jumping on the trampoline (bungee jumping).
Little children jumping on the trampoline (bungee jumping).

As with any type of amusement devices accidents will sometimes happen. Accidents can be costly with a bungee trampoline, as they can with any type of amusement device . In Jan. of 2013 a boy was attempting to do a back flip on a bungee trampoline. He came down to the bottom of the jump and did not complete the rotation. At that point the bungee cables and harness flipped him forcefully back upright and the metal caribeener violently collided with the lower portion of his bicep. After finishing he informed the employee that he injured his arm and had a lot of pain. This one incident ended up having an insurance claim that was paid out for $62,282. Of course a claim that large will cause an increase in insurance premiums.

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Indoor Inflatable Center Vandalized…by a Deer?


Video of a deer that broke through the window of an indoor inflatable center.Deer Breaks into Indoor Inflatable Center

A deer broke through the window of a Pump It Up Indoor Inflatable Center in Mount Juliet, Tennessee on October 19th at 9AM. Luckily the business was not yet open, the deer jumped around on the deflated inflatables before being herded to the exit door by the Mount Juliet Police Department. The police said the deer “will not be charged”.

This is one example (although rare) of why you need both General Liability & Property Insurance for your Indoor Inflatable Center. As a side note, your general liability insurance does include coverage for deer or other types of animals playing on the inflatables…people only! lol

You can read the full article here:

Mechanical Bull Operator & Rider Safety


Video demonstrating the proper way to ride a mechanical bull & things that operators should look out for.Mechanical Bull Operator Safety

It is always important to make sure your mechanical bull operators are properly trained and aware of the things that they should look out for in terms of rider safety. This video by Galaxy Multi Rides goes over the proper way for a participant to ride a mechanical bull & also things that the operator should look out for.

You should make sure that your riders are aware that there are certain things that they should not do such as: holding the bull horns or head of the bull, leaning forward on the bull and trying to stand up or do tricks on the bull. They also need to empty out their pockets, take off shoes & take off any hard items such as jewelry or eye wear. Also be sure that spectators are not allowed to lean up next to the device while they are watching someone ride the bull.

These safety tips should be applied to any type of bull or mechanical device.

Bounce House Stolen from Pumpkin Patch – Would you be Covered?


According to Kion news in California a pumpkin shaped bounce house was stolen from a pumpkin patch in Watsonville, California. The inflatable was worth $1,200. You may be wondering, if one or all of your bounce houses were stolen would your insurance cover it? Well that depends…General Liability coverage alone will not cover the theft of items. A business would need to have Property or Inland Marine insurance coverage to cover theft of items or damage to property. If you have any questions about what your policy does or does not cover please give us a call & we will be happy to go over your policy with you. By the way we offer coverage for both pumpkin patches & bounce houses. (wink wink)

On a lucky note (for the pumpkin patch owners), the thief accidentally dropped a receipt for the bolt cutters that he had purchased at Lowes in order to break through the gate. The police were able to use the time stamp to get security footage of the criminal buying the bolt cutters at Lowes. Maybe we’ll see this guy on the next episode of “World’s Dumbest Criminals”.

You can see the full article and video on the Kion news website.