Are you prepared for a power outage?

Power outages happen for numerous reasons. Are you & your inflatables prepared for the next power outage? Just this week in Pennsylvania an indoor bounce house collapsed on a 4 year old when the indoor center’s power was knocked out by a storm. The 4 year old was jumping in a large Batman inflatable when the power outage caused the bouncer to deflate with the little girl inside. The father had to pull the little girl up to the netting so that she wouldn’t suffocate as the inflatable came down on top of her. Continue reading “Are you prepared for a power outage?”

Father Sues After 3-year Breaks Leg

According to New Jersey news sources, a father has just filed a lawsuit against the owners of an indoor bounce house center. Earlier this year, while 3-year old Daniel was celebrating his birthday, he fell out of a bounce house. The fall caused the child to break his leg. According to the families attorney, Daniel now walks with a limp.

The lawsuit claims that the Indoor Center is at fault due to: “improper supervision, lack of proper control, overcrowding & failure to properly maintain a bounce house.”. The lawsuit is seeking compensatory damages for “the loss of services of his son, including guidance, companionship, assistance, household services and society”. Continue reading “Father Sues After 3-year Breaks Leg”

Bounce House Blower Starts Fire in Indoor Center

Jump On It Fire

An Indoor Center in Maryland called “Jump On It”,  recently experienced a fire that was caused by a malfunction of one of the bounce house blowers. According to news reports, a parent alerted the staff around 12:40 on September 9th that they noticed smoke coming from the blower attached to the Batman inflatable. The smoke turned to flames and the parent told others in the facility as well as the front desk who used the intercoms to alert everyone.

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Girl Gets Hair Stuck in Bouncer

Girl with velcro stuck on head

In an incident that could have turned out much worse, a young girl actually got her hair stuck in a bouncer. The bounce house had several sections that were attached by velcro. The little girl actually fell through one of the sections and the entire back of her hair was attached to the velcro that was supposed to be holding the sections together. Her father said that if her hair hadn’t of been caught on the velcro she would have fallen through the section onto the ground, possibly getting more seriously injured.

When they heard their daughter scream the parents ran over to the bounce house to find her stuck there. They could not find any attendant supervising the bounce house & all the kids were still jumping around in the bounce house. The parents had to use a pair of scissors to cut off the velcro that their daughter’s hair was attached to. They took the girl to the emergency room but the hospital could not think of any easy way to remove the Velcro. The parent’s had to remove the velcro at home by taking out small pieces at a time. They say that it took four hours. The family is not surprisingly contacting an attorney to file a lawsuit on the incident. Continue reading “Girl Gets Hair Stuck in Bouncer”

Using an Inflatable for Education


According to an article from The Elkhart Truth (an Indiana Newspaper), a woman named Cynde McInnis who works with the Cape Ann Whale Watching Company has been traveling around the United States to schools with a 43 foot inflatable whale that was created after an actual female whale named Nile. Nile is a Humpback whale from the North Atlantic Ocean. Nile was born in 1987 and has been a mother at least 5 times. The average life span of a Humpback whale is 45-50 years.

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Manager attacked at an Indoor Inflatable Center


According to WSB-TV 2 News in Atlanta a manager of an indoor inflatable party center was attacked by a mob of angry customers. The attack was caught on surveillance video, where you can see multiple adults…one even holding a baby in her arms fighting with the woman. Dozens of children can be seen standing & watching just a short distance from the scene. According to the news article the family was upset because the 1 hour time slot was up in their party room and they said they were not ready to leave yet.
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25 Reasons why you need to get your insurance from the CIA


25 Reasons why you need to get your insurance from the CIA

1. Over 125 years of combined Insurance experience
2. A+ Rated Admitted carrier backed by the Insurance Guarantee Fund
3. Available in all 50 states
4. Automatic $5,000,000 Aggregate
5. Higher limits up to $5,000,000 Occurrence
6. Texas Limits and AR100 forms
7. NO DEDUCTIBLE on GL or Accident Medical
8. Professional liability included for rental companies
9. Non Owned Auto available
10. Sexual Abuse and Molestation insurance coverage available
11. No Sunset Clause
12. A true Occurrence form
13. Certificate request online with authority to issue
14. Endorsements for no additional premium
15. Blanket Waiver of Subrogation no charge
16. Blanket Primary Non Contributory no charge
17. Blanket Additional Insured
18. Trailered Devices are covered such as rock wall, bungee, kiddie rides
19. Inland Marine can include Business Income Coverage
20. Mobile app for certificate requests
21. Online reporting for incidents
22. Friendly, Experienced Staff that answers the phone
23. Offices in California, Illinois, and South Carolina
24. Not a master policy, your own policy number
25. We also work with 12 other insurance companies if you don’t fit into our program

How to keep your Bungee Trampoline participants safe

Little children  jumping on the trampoline (bungee jumping).
Little children jumping on the trampoline (bungee jumping).

As with any type of amusement devices accidents will sometimes happen. Accidents can be costly with a bungee trampoline, as they can with any type of amusement device . In Jan. of 2013 a boy was attempting to do a back flip on a bungee trampoline. He came down to the bottom of the jump and did not complete the rotation. At that point the bungee cables and harness flipped him forcefully back upright and the metal caribeener violently collided with the lower portion of his bicep. After finishing he informed the employee that he injured his arm and had a lot of pain. This one incident ended up having an insurance claim that was paid out for $62,282. Of course a claim that large will cause an increase in insurance premiums.

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Indoor Inflatable Center Vandalized…by a Deer?


Video of a deer that broke through the window of an indoor inflatable center.Deer Breaks into Indoor Inflatable Center

A deer broke through the window of a Pump It Up Indoor Inflatable Center in Mount Juliet, Tennessee on October 19th at 9AM. Luckily the business was not yet open, the deer jumped around on the deflated inflatables before being herded to the exit door by the Mount Juliet Police Department. The police said the deer “will not be charged”.

This is one example (although rare) of why you need both General Liability & Property Insurance for your Indoor Inflatable Center. As a side note, your general liability insurance does include coverage for deer or other types of animals playing on the inflatables…people only! lol

You can read the full article here:

Keep your children Safe – Bounce House Safety

The Clumsy Kanga Bounce House Safety Video was created as a way to teach children about bounce house safety rules in a fun way. The CPSC released a recent report that found there are an average of 16,903 ER visits due to Bounce House injuries every year. Many accidents could be prevented if children realized that if they do certain things in the bouncer they could get hurt. We encourage everyone to share this video on their own websites & show it to children to help spread the awareness of bounce house safety & to keep our children safe while they are having fun!

The Klumsy Kanga Bounce House Safety Video teaches kids the proper way to safely jump in a bouncer. It shows them if they do certain things they will get hurt.Clumsy Kanga Bounce House Safety Video

Copy the following code to embed the Clumsy Kanga video on your website!

Link to Clumsy Kanga


If you are using the Clumsy Kanga safety video in your indoor inflatable center, we also have posters available for our customers to print. They come in 8.5 x 11″, 11 x 17″, & 18 x 24″ sizes. If you are a current customer please comment below to request your free digital copies of the safety posters for your business.

It would be a great idea to show the video to the children as they come in the center & then reinforce the message by hanging the posters up near the inflatables as a reminder.

Additional Resources

CPSC Amusement Ride Safety Bulletin
SIOTO – Safe Operator Training