Bounce House Blower Starts Fire in Indoor Center

Jump On It Fire

An Indoor Center in Maryland called “Jump On It”,  recently experienced a fire that was caused by a malfunction of one of the bounce house blowers. According to news reports, a parent alerted the staff around 12:40 on September 9th that they noticed smoke coming from the blower attached to the Batman inflatable. The smoke turned to flames and the parent told others in the facility as well as the front desk who used the intercoms to alert everyone.

The employee shut off the electricity and deflated the bounce houses. The fire department said that this helped keep the fire contained. Even so, smoke, soot & water damage caused an estimated  $200,000 in structural damage & $250,000 of damage to items. The business will also have to be closed for the next few months for repairs, which will of course result in more money lost.

There are two lessons to be learned from this incident. First of all, if you think you do not need property insurance…can you afford $450,000 of damages plus loss of income? Secondly, your facility needs to have employees inspect the equipment during set-up & also there needs to be proper supervision on the bounce houses. If a parent had to alert the employee/s that their was smoke coming from one of the blowers, it doesn’t sound like any of the employees were paying very close attention to the kids or the devices.

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