Inflatable Slide Collapses During Arcade Festival

Inflatable Slide Topples

According to various news sources an inflatable slide collapsed at a convention center in Pennsylvania, injuring several people. The slide was one of a few bouncers set-up at a large Arcade and Video Game Festival hosted by Replay FX. The units were rented from an unnamed rental company. A witness says that she saw 4 older girls heading up the slide plus two staff that were at the top of the slide. When the girls got about half-way up the slide she said it just toppled over. She also stated that she didn’t think that the slide looked very stable.

The director of the event made the company pick up the unit and asked for something safer. The slide apparently toppled over because of deflation. The director said that the slide was inspected by the state. Of course, just because a unit has been inspected does not mean that it has been set-up properly or is being properly supervised. If there were 4 girls (of any age, but older makes it worse) climbing up the slide at the same time that would be a serious safety risk. Not only was there too much weight put on the slide, but if the girl at the top slipped the girls behind would tumble down like dominoes. It is also unclear if the slide was properly anchored down, properly inflated or had been checked for rips or tears prior to set-up. Moral of the story: train your staff, make sure they are responsible & be sure that self-inspections are done EVERY TIME your devices are set-up.

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