Bounce House Accident at Texas School


On Friday afternoon (May 6), ten people were injured after strong winds blew a bounce house across a field at a Texas Baptist Elementary School. The Bounce House was blown about 30 yards before parents were able to get ahold of the bounce house and stop it from blowing away. Injuries were non-life threatening but one adult was injured by a second grader that was thrown from the Bounce House, another child got a black eye and at least one person was put on a stretcher and brought to the ambulance.

News reports stated that it was unclear if the inflatable was anchored down at all (which sounds like it probably was not). The wind speed the day of the event was only 3 mph with a maximum gust speed of 16 mph. If the bounce house was properly anchored these wind speeds should not have been a problem at all. Luckily this incident was not as serious as it could have been but definitely a reminder to properly anchor your devices or make sure that customers know that the inflatables need to be anchored and how to properly anchor them.bounce-house-accident2 bounce-house-accident

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