Girl Gets Hair Stuck in Bouncer

Girl with velcro stuck on head

In an incident that could have turned out much worse, a young girl actually got her hair stuck in a bouncer. The bounce house had several sections that were attached by velcro. The little girl actually fell through one of the sections and the entire back of her hair was attached to the velcro that was supposed to be holding the sections together. Her father said that if her hair hadn’t of been caught on the velcro she would have fallen through the section onto the ground, possibly getting more seriously injured.

When they heard their daughter scream the parents ran over to the bounce house to find her stuck there. They could not find any attendant supervising the bounce house & all the kids were still jumping around in the bounce house. The parents had to use a pair of scissors to cut off the velcro that their daughter’s hair was attached to. They took the girl to the emergency room but the hospital could not think of any easy way to remove the Velcro. The parent’s had to remove the velcro at home by taking out small pieces at a time. They say that it took four hours. The family is not surprisingly contacting an attorney to file a lawsuit on the incident.

There are a few things that were wrong in this situation. First of all there was no one attending the bouncer & secondly the bouncer was not properly set-up or inspected properly if the girl was able to fall through the section that was supposed to be secured together by the velcro. Party Rental operators need to remember to inspect everything after set-up even something that seems as simple as velcro. The party rental company said that they were contacting the manufacturer about the incident, so it is unclear whether this was operator error or a manufacturer malfunction.

Our in-house inflatable repair specialist says that one of the simplest things that bounce house owners overlook is making sure that the “male” or “sharp” piece of the velcro is clean from hair, lint, dirt, etc. After time these things will accumulate on the velcro and cause it to not stick as well to the “female” or “soft” piece of velcro. Also, there is a flap that has to be secured by velcro that goes over the sections so that the children can not fall through the sections.  This piece of velcro also needs to be clean and operators setting up the devices need to make sure that both the section joining velcro & the flap is properly and securely attached.

Fermin Bolvera. Bounce House Repair Specialist. Air Blown Concepts.

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