7 Year Old Dies in Tragic Bounce House Accident


News sources report that a 7 year old girl named Summer died in England after the bounce house she was inside of was picked up by strong winds and carried over 150 yards away. The bounce house was at an Easter Celebration that had bounce houses that were set-up by a professional bounce house rental company. Many parents commented that they did not allow their children inside of the bounce houses that day because they thought that they did not look safe with the wind conditions that day. Safety experts & other bounce house rental companies agree that the inflatables should not have been set up with the high wind conditions that day.

The 24 & 27 year old individuals that were in charge of the bounce houses were arrested on suspicion of manslaughter due to negligence. The same company had another incident less than a year ago where an inflatable suddenly deflated and three children were injured. The police are doing an investigation of what exactly caused the inflatable to blow away including looking at whether the wind speed that day was high enough that bounce houses should have been deflated.

28M_Bouncy Castle DeathInflatable devices should never be used with winds or gusts in excess of 25 mph. Weather conditions should be constantly monitored to ensure that they do not change suddenly. Even a properly staked down inflatable can get blown away in high winds. Make sure that your employees are properly trained and are aware that they need to take inflatables down in strong winds.



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