Keep your children Safe – Bounce House Safety

The Clumsy Kanga Bounce House Safety Video was created as a way to teach children about bounce house safety rules in a fun way. The CPSC released a recent report that found there are an average of 16,903 ER visits due to Bounce House injuries every year. Many accidents could be prevented if children realized that if they do certain things in the bouncer they could get hurt. We encourage everyone to share this video on their own websites & show it to children to help spread the awareness of bounce house safety & to keep our children safe while they are having fun!

The Klumsy Kanga Bounce House Safety Video teaches kids the proper way to safely jump in a bouncer. It shows them if they do certain things they will get hurt.Clumsy Kanga Bounce House Safety Video

Copy the following code to embed the Clumsy Kanga video on your website!

Link to Clumsy Kanga


If you are using the Clumsy Kanga safety video in your indoor inflatable center, we also have posters available for our customers to print. They come in 8.5 x 11″, 11 x 17″, & 18 x 24″ sizes. If you are a current customer please comment below to request your free digital copies of the safety posters for your business.

It would be a great idea to show the video to the children as they come in the center & then reinforce the message by hanging the posters up near the inflatables as a reminder.

Additional Resources

CPSC Amusement Ride Safety Bulletin
SIOTO – Safe Operator Training