Bounce Houses: Controlling the Exits & Entrances – Indoor Inflatable Operator Safety


Safety Video that shows Indoor Inflatable Center Operators how to correctly supervise the exits & entrances of a bounce house.Inflatable Operator Safety – Controlling the Exits & Entrances

This video demonstrates the proper way for operators to control children getting on and off of an inflatable bounce house. The key points to get from the video are:

  • Make sure children do not enter the exits
  • Check the height restrictions on the unit and be sure children are the correct size
  • Make the children enter the bounce house in an orderly fashion without pushing each other.
  • Watch the children while they are playing in the inflatable to make sure they are not doing unsafe activities such as flips.
  • Watch children getting out of the inflatable or off of slides. Be sure they are coming out feet first.
  • Be sure that mats are secured properly at the entrances & exits of the inflatable.