The U.S. CPSC has updated their inflatable safety recommendations!


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has updated the amusement ride safety bulletin concerning inflatables. The CPSC states in the bulletin that they have been monitoring inflatable amusement devices and incidents since 2001. The findings that there were an estimated 113,272 ER visits from injuries due to inflatable devices between 2003 to 2013, which averages to 16,903 per year. Because of the high number of incidents the CPSC has put out a bulletin with inspection procedures and guide-lines for safe set-up and operation of inflatables.

Some of the recommendations include of course, following manufacturer instructions for safety and set-up, be sure that the inflatable is properly anchored, insure proper supervision & do not exceed the manufacturer’s directions for number of participants on the inflatable at one time. Even if the inflatable amusement device is properly anchored the device still needs to be taken down when the wind speeds are over 25mph, but the manufacturer wind speed must always be followed if it the dangerous wind speed is lower.

Please take the time to review & share this important safety information from the Consumer Safety Product Commission. READ THE BULLETIN